Who am I?
Paul Blanchard creator of
Kalistostudio, branding
& webdesign studio

I help businesses, from independants to medium-sized businesses, finding their image and communicating in an engaging way that brings results and that sets them apart from the crowd.

Passionate about design and webdesign, I am at the crossroads between an all-digital world and a strong attraction towards visual design in general, analog artistic creation and typography. I also have a craving for photography and cinema.

photo du design de logo Pavilion design par Kalistostudio
photo du livre creative strategy design book photo du plan de travail et imac du studio de création graphique


My Curriculum

I graduated from a Bachelor in digital communication, and perfected my skills as a designer working for different companies, and continuously self-teaching.

After six years working in the digital communication field, fed by my work experience as a graphic designer & webdesigner in communication agencies, for companies and as freelancer, I have acquired solid skills in graphic design and webdesign.

I have had the opportunity to practice my skills taking over many projects and clients’ design cases.

I currently work at Agence W’Com in Toulouse as a graphic designer / webdesigner, and I am available as a freelance.

The way I work


Discovery & Reflexion

The first step consists in learning more about your project and build some creative and problem-solving thinking around it.

My work begins with a fine discovery of your goals and of your target audience, in order to better define our main work axis and your brand’s positioning.

“Who are you? What are your goals? Who are your clients and how do you wish them to perceive your brand?”


First draft & strategy

Once your goals and needs are clearly explained, we take a closer look at how to achieve them.

What communication strategy and what brand positioning work best for you? I define with you how and with what tools we can reach those goals.

We define together a course of action and a timeline for your project.


Creation & Design

Another key step of your project: the design of your brand identity, the design of your website’s or mobile app’s UI design (interface), web development of your website… Accross multiple validation steps, we create the visual or technical solution that fits your needs.

Discover me

My professional experiences as graphic designer / webdesigner in communication agencies and as freelance graphic and webdesigner have led me to work for many clients and carry out many projects.

I have a solid design and technical background. My passion for design, my attention to detail and well-crafted work are what describe me best.
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